buyers process

where your new story begins


 Finding the right home, land or opportunity, has a great deal to do with having much of the criteria you want plus a certain amount of chemistry. Sometimes it takes a little time to find "the one". You have to somewhat fall in love. Once you do, you're on your way to new beginnings. Your story is waiting for you to find it. 

things to consider


 Knowing your financial position is the first step. Buying real estate is a big investment and could bring you a satisfying return when you are ready to resale. If utilizing a loan, buyers should get with their financial lender to get preapproved.  This will provide you with the knowledge of how great an offer you are capable of making. 

making an offer


 There are many elements in securing your special place when making an offer. Purchase price, earnest money, loan or cash contribution, appraisals, inspections, closing date, closing costs & much more. Negotiating can always be a part of the process. There is such a pride of ownership, once you get past the initial closing.