sell my home * sellers process

setting expectations


 Selling can be an emotional roller coaster. Even if you are ready to sell, you are often letting go of memories, when you make this decision. I'll be there to assist you, from marketing for the best exposure to following up on leads with potential buyers, feedback from showings, negotiating and all the way to the final stages of closing. 

stage to sell


 Clear away the clutter. Pack and store away as much of your personal belongings as you are able to. I realize your things are not clutter to you, however buyers typically like to walk into a more cleared canvas, so they are able to visualize their own touches if they were to purchase. You want to have every advantage point possible, to potentially entice a buyer. 

sell it smart, sell it quick


Price it smart to sell. Every seller wants to get the best possible price for their property, that said, a seller also does not want to price it out of the market, thus not selling. Most buyers also like to negotiate price. You can price it smart for best exposure and the potential to sell quick so you can move onto your next adventure. Contact me to be your realtor.